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They are accused of insulting government officials online, or what the ministry called "terror-related activity" on the internet. The ministry said the fight against terrorism was being carried out "with determination" on social media. The authorities have held 3,710 people for questioning in the last six months. Of those, 1,656 have been formally arrested and 84 are still being questioned. 'Calculated blackouts' Access to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is often blocked in Turkey, especially after bombings. Internet monitoring groups believe the outages are calculated blackouts designed to block the spread of militant propaganda. Turkey denies this, and has blamed past episodes on spikes in internet usage after major events. Reports suggest Twitter and YouTube have also slowed down since Thursday, when a video emerged allegedly showing two Turkish soldiers being burned alive by the so-called Islamic State. Image copyright EPA Image caption Internet use was disrupted in Turkey after this man killed Andrey Karlov, Russia's ambassador to Ankara Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Turkey's Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu, speaks to journalists after the ambassador's killing Activists and foreign powers have raised repeated concerns about repression in Turkey since the summer. After a coup failed to unseat him in July, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a state of emergency and began purging officials, soldiers, teachers, police and judges who were perceived as "anti-government".

Quinceaneras have grown in popularity, not just in Texas, but across the country. The coming-of-age celebration takes place on a girls 15th birthday, and is particularly popular among Latinos due to its Mexican origins, where both boys and girls recognize the occasion. From invitations to catering, and cakes to photography, all aspects of planning the perfect Quinceanera are covered. With the all-important venue selection, provides a handy section that gives the low-down on how to choose the best location, and how to dress it for success. Finding the right dress is often a complicated affair, so the find your dress section brings together a variety of fashion styles that make choosing a dream dress a little easier. Hairstyle trends are also well covered so whether up or down, straight or curly, turning heads is guaranteed. When it comes to inspiration for event ideas, the Quinceanera traditions section gives information about the history of the Quinceanera waltz, the importance of various birthstones and provides unique ideas on how to put a unique twist on a Quinceanera . Quincenista is designed to be a really easy-to-use platform, helping people to organize the perfect Quinceanera. The website is easy to navigate, and brings together lots of useful sections to make sure that each event can be planned perfectly, and tailored for each and every individual, said James Knight, Director of Quincenista.

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