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Travel agencies to handle all Korea visa applications from July 1 | Philstar.com

Travel agencies to handle all Korea visa applications from July 1 MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos who want to travel to South Korea to get a firsthand experience of Korean culture will no longer need to go to the Korean Embassy for tourist visas. Starting July 1, visa applications will be processed through designated travel agencies only, the Korean Embassy in Manila announced.   This is due to the number of Korean visa applicants. In 2017, there were around 160,000 visa applicants compared to the 120,000 in 2016 and 90,000 in 2015. “This increase in number of visa applicants caused the applicants to stand in hot weather outside the embassy for hours to wait in line for their turn to apply for respective visa,” the Korean Embassy said. The embassy, however, will allow walk-in applicants only for spouses and children of Koreans, holders of visa issuance number, government employees with official business trips and for those with humanitarian reasons for urgent travel to Korea. Filipinos' interest in visiting South Korea is a result of the Hallyu craze or the Korean wave. This can be attributed to the rise in popularity of K-pop and K-dramas in the country. Here is the list of the 35 travel agencies designated to process temporary visitor’s visa application: Come on Phils. Golf and Travel Agency Inc.

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Kim Jong Un's toilet: North Korean leader brings toilet to summit

AFP AFP_15N56R A DIP USA DC USA TODAY President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN 44 COMMENTEMAILMORE North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un arrived in Singapore for his summit with President Trump with security on his mind — dispatching decoy planes from Pyongyang to thwart anyone who might try to attack him and packing his own food for his visit to try to prevent poisoning. The North Korean leader is also apparently taking defensive measures to prevent intelligence agencies from trying to glean information about his health: He’s packed his own toilet. The regime dispatched a commode to “deny determined sewer divers insights into to the supreme leader's stools,” The Chosunilbo, one of South Korea’s biggest circulated newspapers, reports. It’s not unusual for the hermetic kingdom’s leader to travel with his own toilet in his infrequent travels. For his April meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the border village of Panmunjom — the first meeting between North and South Korean leaders in more than a decade — the North Koreans also dispatched a portable toilet for Kim. He brought his own pens and pencils to the Panmunjom meeting and his staff wiped off anything he touched so as not leave even a fingerprint, according to the New Yorker magazine. More: Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un arrive in Singapore for nuclear summit Kim takes similar precautions during his travels inside North Korea to inspect military bases and state-run factories, according to South Korea news agency DailyNK. The North Korean leader's concerns that spies might seek to investigate his bodily waste might have some historical precedent. In 2016, former Soviet agent Igor Atamanenkos said that while doing research in the archives of the Russian secret services he found evidence that the secret police in the 1940s under Joseph Stalin analyzed excrement of foreign leaders  — including China's Mao Zedong — as part of its effort to construct psychological portraits.  Trump and Kim are set to meet Tuesday morning (Monday evening in the United States).

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Traveling by yourself can be a great fun adventure, but it may also make you an easy target for a criminal. There is a lot to do to not only stay safe but to also have fun on your trip. Keep reading this article to stay safe when you're away from home.

When you travel in different countries, use ATM machines to withdraw pocket money instead of exchanging your currency with local currency. Usually banks and financial institutions are able to offer exchange rates that are better than those available to individuals. You may find significant savings through the course of your trip.

Learn about the place you are traveling to. Make sure you have a map, and know what attractions are must-sees in the area. Remembering a little about the area will make navigation easier when you get there.

You should always have a good photo of your child on you when you travel with him or her, just in case the two of you get separated. Losing track of a child can be very frightening. Unfortunately, children get distracted and wander off or something else happens. Having a photo ready to show people in the event that they get lost, can really make the difference in finding your child quickly.

Some countries will certainly not have 5 star amenities available. In cases where you are in an under developed country, you may choose to bring something with you to help secure your door from the inside. A simple door stop will do the trick. These nifty devices can help hold doors closed just as much as they can help keep them open.

If you are driving to a port city before leaving on a cruise, always find a hotel that offers free parking and arrive the night before. Even if they don't publicize the service, it can't hurt to ask about free parking deals at your hotel.

Check your hotel alarm when you get there. You don't want to get awakened by a set alarm. Set the alarm to a reasonable time or turn it off altogether.

A motorcycle is a good mode of transportation for day trips. Saving money on gas, getting around quickly while enjoying the scenery is a great way to kick off any trip. It can be great fun to travel by motorcycle.

Get involved with travel websites and forums. A great way to get ready for a trip is to talk to others who enjoy traveling. You'll have the opportunity to meet new friends, and through sharing your stories you can help others avoid your mistakes -- and avoid the mistakes that others have made.

Bring cookie sheets when on a road trip with kids. The sheets can be used as a flat surface under coloring books or to play cards. If you are travelling with little kids, think about bringing magnetic toys like educational numbers and letters.

As mentioned earlier, traveling alone may be something you want to do, but you could be a victim of crime. While safety and planning is better with others, you can still learn important information to use when you travel. Use this advice for safety and other traveling aspects.
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